Good food, close friends & a full bar – a wholesome experience.

You are what you eat, so eat well.

Offering a curated and evolving menu focused on healthy innovative dishes designed to make you more wholesome. We believe that sourcing the best quality ingredients fulfills our mission of creating great tasting food that will keep you and your friends coming back.


Good food + good friends = good mood

We believe it’s not just the wholesome fare that keeps our patrons coming back, it’s the opportunity to share the experience in a modern atmosphere with a relaxed mindset, perfect for an unforgettable dining experience with family and good friends.

Love what you do, eat what you want.
But most importantly, stay wholesome.

Come on by.

We’ll save a seat for you.

250 Assay Street
Houston, TX 77044

Phone (281) 741-0203
Email howdy@wholesometx.com